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Leister Hot Air Heating Solutions - Efficient Hose Welding

Issuing time:2018-04-17 14:24

As a safe and practical way to package a range of products in the cosmetics, food and pharmaceutical industries, plastic hoses are gaining popularity worldwide and demand continues to rise. Safe and fast hose filling and welding technology is crucial in the process, Lai Dan hot air heaters are meeting this process need.

The high-efficiency welding speed and reliable welding quality of Leister heaters have been widely used in industrial packaging fields all over the world, and have quite a lot of loyal users.


Sustainability and process safety

With Leister’s hot air heater, after the slurry is filled, the inner wall is instantly heated when the hose passes through the heater. The heating speed is extremely fast and the outer wall is not damaged, so that the overall sealing is beautiful and firm, and the outer wall is marked clearly.

Leister's hot air heaters, air nozzles and accessories can match various industries that require high process quality. Leister's hot air circulation solution can also greatly reduce energy consumption, which not only plays a role in environmental protection, but also reduces The operating costs of the production company.

Can be easily integrated in the production line

The modular design of Leister hot air heaters can be easily and safely integrated into equipment production lines, meeting the requirements of high quality and durability. Flexible air source interface, both blower and compressed air can be used.

Reduce carbon emissions, save energy and reduce consumption

After the welding of the Leister hose is completed, the hot air generated during the process is usually discharged into the atmosphere without being used, which wastes energy and is harmful to the environment. The Leister hot air circulation system can return the hot air to the heater for recycling.

Using Leister's new LHS 210/410 SF-R or LHS 210/410 DF-R heaters, hot air can be recycled, which cuts energy costs and reduces carbon emissions at the same time.


Advantages of Leister hot air solutions:

▣Can weld most pipes, even some new materials, etc. (such as coated cardboard, bioplastics, etc.)

▣The welding seam is smooth and the welding is firm, which meets the high requirements of customers for quality and quality

▣The temperature of the Leister heater can reach up to 650°C

▣Leister heater can heat the pipe wall in a very short time, and the speed of welding the pipe is extremely fast

Each heating station of Leister heaters can weld hundreds of pipes per minute

▣Hot air recycling scheme can halve energy costs

Hot air recovery and recirculation system

164.png165.pngLeister hot air systems have been used in countless industrial production processes and are easy to integrate, powerful and compact. And has many laboratories, you are welcome to bring materials to the site for verification.

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